Starter & Alternator

We repair starters and alternators for almost any kind of equipment. Tractors, trucks, pickups, cars, industrial equipment and lawn/ garden equipment are some of the units we specialize in. From rebuilding your unit to supplying rebuilts and in some cases brand new units, we strive to get you back to work or travel as quickly as we can.

Electric Motor

We repair or replace electric motors for almost any kind of equipment. Whether it is an industrial machine, seed cleaning plant, grain moving equipment, aeration fan, barn fans or some small pump or fan in your house, we strive to get you back in motion.

Pressure Washers

We repair and service any brand of pressure washer you own. Hog barns, paint line washing or any cleaning application that uses high pressure water, we aim to get your pressure back up.

Electric Equipment

We repair and service almost everything that runs on electricity other than appliances. Welders, plasma cutters, heavy duty power tools, electric over hydraulic power packs, battery chargers, space heaters and pond aerators to name a few.